Enhance Your Ride's Safety

Discover the Unmatched Safety of MTC Voyager

Experience stability and security with every turn. The MTC Voyager Trike offers innovative safety features designed for peace of mind on the road.

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Safety Features


Enhanced Stability

The trike kit’s design significantly reduces the risk of rollovers, providing a stable ride even on challenging terrains.

Improved Visibility

Equipped with high-visibility lighting and reflective materials to ensure you are seen at all times, enhancing safety in low-light conditions.

Advanced Control

Features precision engineering for smoother handling and responsive braking systems to maintain control under any circumstances.

Safety by the Numbers

Statistical evidence shows significant safety improvements for trike riders.

30% Reduction in Accidents

Top Safety Ratings

95% Rider Satisfaction

Increased Lifespan of Vehicle

I’ve never felt safer on the road. The stability is unmatched, and I can enjoy longer rides without worry. – James H.

The Voyager Trike’s design makes me feel secure, even on busy streets. It’s truly the best upgrade to my motorcycle. – Sandra K.

As a motorcycle safety instructor, I recommend the Voyager Trike for new and experienced riders alike. The added stability significantly reduces risk. – Mike W.

My Voyager Trike has been a game-changer for my daily commutes and leisure trips. I can’t imagine riding without it. – Emma T.

Experience the Safety of MTC Voyager Trike