Custom Trike Kit

The choice is up to you. We just make sure whatever you choose looks great on your bike.

Custom Bike Kit


Installation and sales tax vary. All prices in USD ($).

The Voyager is the highest quality, #1 selling, and most ridden convertible trike kit in the world. We’re the only convertible trike to be independently tested for long-term strain and stress by a professional engineering firm. We fit over 150 different motorcycles and have been on the road for nearly 25 years, made in the USA.

How it Works

We attach mounting brackets that are unique to your motorcycle’s year, make, and model. These mounting brackets are all bolt-on, so the installation does not require any welding. This allows you to keep your motorcycle in original condition while gaining stability without the high cost of a permanent modification.

The Voyager trike kit frame then bolts through heim joints to the bolted-on brackets. From the rear of the frame, we extend suspension parts that connect to the rear mounting brackets. These suspension parts are then preloaded using the motorcycle’s weight to hold tension in the Voyager trike conversion wheels giving you the best performance and handling of any convertible trike kit on the market.

Then, in about 10 minutes, you can disconnect the Voyager and ride two-wheels again. You get the best of triking and two-wheeling with one motorcycle!

Custom Bike Kit from MTC Voyager fitted to a Honda-Shadow-ACE-Two-Tone-13-inch-wide-white-walls-shadow-768x600
H-D Dresser Custom Kit Ridged Fender with H-D Style Light

The Custom trike kit includes:


Your choice: Flared or Rounded,

New Low Style Metal Rear Guard Black

One Metal Rear Guard

Two Fender Lights & Wiring Your choice: H-D Style, Tombstone, or Beehive

H-D Style, Tombstone or Beehive Lights (set of two) & Wiring

Plus, when you purchase a Voyager trike kit from MTC Voyager, you’ll receive a comprehensive package. This includes complete mounting hardware that is tailored to your specific motorcycle year, make, and model, along with suspension hardware. Our strain-and-stress-tested frame ensures durability and reliability. And that’s not all – you’ll also get a trailer ball, free customer service with a one-year warranty, jack stands for added convenience, and a portable kickstand. Trust MTC Voyager for all your trike kit needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our top-quality products and exceptional customer support.

Custom Frame Hardware & Parts

Motorcycle specific mounting hardware not shown in picture. Lights and wiring in picture are additional charge.

Additional Options

One-tone paint job (Other than Gloss Black) $450 Two-tone paint job $650

One-tone paint job
(Other than Gloss Black)

Two-tone paint job

Specialty paints may be extra. Generally takes up to 4 weeks to ship.

WARNING: Motorcycle Tour Conversions, Inc. cannot guarantee a match due to, but not limited to, (a) changes in color, due to wear from sun or weather exposure or regular use, or (b) incorrect or insufficient information provided about the motorcycle or paint color. Paint completion times are subject to change without notice.


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