Welcome to the easy life.


Shipping, installation and sales tax vary.


Welcome to the easy life!

The Reverse by Voyager makes backing in and out of parking spots a breeze. No longer tip-toe or walk your motorcycle backwards, we’ll do that for you. The reverse is retrofittable to your Voyager! Or order it with a brand new kit! You can install the reverse yourself if you have some mechanical and electrical knowledge. Or, have one of our authorized Voyager dealers install it for you.

Reverse Gear & Motor & Switches w Rev Sticker

Reverse Foot Switch Mounted with Frame Clamp (Back)

How does it work?

The reverse motor connects with a gear drum inside the left wheel of the Voyager trike kit. The gear drum requires either of our 15" wheel options. The motor runs off of your motorcycle battery. It requires a healthy motorcycle battery.

An arm/disarm switch is installed on the left handlebar of the motorcycle. This switch forces the rider to remove his or her left hand from the clutch while stopped assisting in making sure the motorcycle is in neutral before activation. Then, once activated, the reverse is engaged using a foot switch that attaches to the Voyager frame. Using a foot switch to power the reverse motor allows the rider to keep both hands on the handlebars for maximum control.

The Reverse by Voyager is intended for use on normal, paved road conditions.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order locate your nearest authorized Voyager dealer or call the corporate office at (877) 434-7901.

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How much does the Reverse by Voyager cost?

The Reverse by Voyager is $1,395.00.  Shipping, installation and sales tax may apply.  Optional pre-trimmed parts available at extra cost.

If you currently have the 13" wheel options, or an aftermarket wheel option, the installation of the reverse will require the purchase of the 15" wheel options offered by MTC, Inc.

What is included in the Reverse by Voyager?

The Reverse by Voyager includes:
  • Reverse Gear Drum
  • Reverse Motor 
  • Front-Motorcycle Wiring Harness
  • Rear-Voyager Wiring Harness
  • Foot Switch Wiring Harness
  • Foot Switch
  • Arm/Disarm Switch (with Wires)
  • Reverse Motor Support Bracket
  • Reverse Motor Cover
  • Replacement Hub Bolts, Spacers, Nuts & Washers
  • Replacement Hub Studs
  • Installation Manual
  • Free Technical Support (when available during normal business hours)
  • One-Year Warranty on Parts Manufactured 
Optional Reverse Replacement Parts Available: 

(Prices Do Not Include Shipping, Sales Tax or Custom Color Match)

  • Replacement Hub $69.00
  • Pre-Trimmed Replacement Metal Fender $378.00
  • Pre-Trimmed Replacement Axle Guard $63.00
  • Pre-Trimmed Replacement Fiberglass Fender $425.00
  • Pre-Trimmed Replacement Fiberglass Rear Assembly $730.00

How does the Reverse by Voyager work?

The Reverse by Voyager uses a gear drum that attaches to the left hub and a starter motor that engages that gear.  The motor runs off of the motorcycle's battery.  The rider activates a foot switch while in neutral using an arm/disarm switch.  Then, with both hands on the handlebars and the motorcycle in neutral the rider uses the foot switch to power the reverse.  The reverse wiring setup has a rear disconnect for keeping the Voyager's easy on-and-off feature available.

What requirements are needed to use the Reverse on my Voyager?

1.  A healthy motorcycle battery.  The Reverse pulls a significant amount of power and can quickly drain an old or weak battery.  If you have a smaller battery in your motorcycle the power drawn by the Reverse may shut off your motorcycle completely, even if the battery is healthy.  In this case, use the throttle to increase the RPMs to prevent the motorcycle from shutting off while using the Reverse Foot Switch or back up the motorcycle in small (3 second or less) increments and restart the motorcycle when finished backing up.

2.  A functioning recharge system.  Make sure your alternator or generator is working properly.  As you use the Reverse your battery will need to be recharged as you ride.

3.  15" wheel options sold by MTC, Inc.  If you have a kit with the standard 13" chrome rims the Reverse Gear Drum will not fit inside of the rim.  Therefore, you will need to purchase replacement wheels and parts for the Reverse to fit.  If you purchase a new kit, you will need to upgrade to the 15" options for a very small upgrade fee ($199.00 per set).

4.  A willingness to learn.  Using and controlling the Reverse takes practice.  Make sure you read the manual included and perform the recommended drills until comfortable.

How hard is the Reverse by Voyager to install?

The installation of the Reverse by Voyager requires intermediate mechanical and electrical knowledge.  You will need to locate and connect a wiring harness to your battery and properly run provided wiring to the reverse motor, foot switch and arm/disarm switch.

The reverse installation requires trimming of your metal or fiberglass fender and metal axle guard or fiberglass rear assembly.  This requires a body saw, Dremel saw or grinder.  If you do not feel comfortable trimming these parts may purchase pre-trimmed replacement parts or contact a professional to trim for you (i.e., a body shop or mechanic).

The installation also requires replacing the hub studs in your existing Voyager hub.  Replacement hubs also available for purchase.

What must I be cautious of when using the reverse?

1.  Operate reverse properly for intended use only.  The Reverse by Voyager is intended to back up a motorcycle and rider/passenger for short increments of distance and time (i.e., in and out of parking spaces).  DO NOT use reverse for extended periods of travel lasting more than three (3) seconds.  DO NOT use reverse for traveling up steep inclines or on rugged terrain.  The reverse is intended for use on paved areas.  Reverse may spin Voyager wheel in loose gravel, oily and wet road conditions, grass, snow/ice and dirt.

2.  Do not overuse reverse.  Power the reverse motor using the foot switch in three (3) second increments.  This will help you manage your speed and help prevent draining your motorcycle battery.

3.  Make sure to recharge your battery.  Again, the reverse motor works off of the motorcycle's battery.  If you reverse for extended or repeated portions of time you will eventually drain your battery.  Always use the reverse in three (3) second increments.  Then always drive at least one (1) mile for every one (1) second you used the reverse to allow the alternator/generator to recharge your battery.

4.  Never put the motorcycle into gear with the arm/disarm switch in the UP (or ON) position.

5.  Motorcycle should always be on and in neutral when arming the arm/disarm switch.

6.  Battery is still active when motorcycle engine is off.  Do not use the reverse when the motorcycle is off to avoid draining your battery.  Always make sure arm/disarm switch is in DOWN (or OFF) position when motorcycle is turned off and parked.

7.  The foot switch is NOT a step.

8.  Be cautious of all surroundings, especially objects and people behind you.  Always make sure you can see where you are traveling and that you previously surveyed the area for any obstructions or dangers.

9.  Using the Reverse by Voyager requires practice.  Before you hit the road or get into any high traffic areas, be sure to practice, practice and practice some more.  Controlling the motorcycle in reverse and learning the speed of the reverse will take time.  These skills can be developed by training yourself in an open parking lot with little or no traffic.  Use marked spots to practice reversing and stopping from straight on, ninety degree angles and forty-five degree angles.

*What warranty comes with the Reverse by Voyager?


The Reverse by Voyager carries a warranty on all parts for the period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase.  This warranty covers repair or replacement of all parts on the Reverse by Voyager or attachment hardware defective due to manufacturing.  Any damage due to abuse, road hazard or collision will not be covered under this warranty.


The installation of the Reverse by Voyager is very critical.  Failure to follow installation manual cancels all factory warranties.  Liabilities are with the installer if not properly installed.  The owner is responsible for normal maintenance and use.  Make sure all bolts are tightened before each riding session.


*Warranties do not cover abuse, accidentals, or damage. Requires 14" or 15" wheel options (currently or previously offered by MTC) (see Accessories) for reverse to be installed. Purchase of new 15" wheels at reduced price with reverse purchase. Installation requires trimming of fender and axle guard/rear assembly. Pre-trimmed parts included when ordered with a new trike kit purchase. Optional replacement pre-trimmed parts available for retrofit. Call for details.