Used Trike Kits

Motorcycle Tour Conversions, Inc. does not sell used Voyager trike kits. This is to be used as a reference for purchasing a used trike kit or moving a Voyager from one motorcycle to another. The information below is necessary for properly converting a used Voyager to your motorcycle.

If you’re looking into used motorcycle conversion kits, and found a used Voyager trike kit, it is extremely important to read over the disclaimer and all following information thoroughly to understand the precautions, requirements and costs associated with a used Voyager purchase, installation, maintenance and use, of any kind.

Follow the steps below for a full understanding of used Voyager kit purchasing, installation and use.

STEP 1.  Download or Open the following document (Necessary Information for Purchasing a Used Voyager Trike Kit).

STEP 2.  Read “Necessary Information for Purchasing a Used Voyager Trike Kit” thoroughly.

STEP 3.  After you understand the document above, Download or Open the following document (Bike Info & Sizes).

STEP 4.  Use “Bike Info & Sizes” to determine which parts you need.

STEP 5.  Call your nearest dealer to order the parts.