Be Cautious!

Of how other convertible trike companies hook up to your bike. Non-tested kits can end up in the junk yard after only a season or two of riding. Plus, they can damage your bike!

Motorcycle Tour Conversions, Inc. has dedicated sweat, blood and tears making sure the Voyager is the highest quality, most tested, best riding motorcycle convertible trike kit available.  We have the strongest frame in the industry.  Round tubing can withstand more stress than square tubing – that’s why derby-style roll cars use round tubing.

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The Outlaw Trike Kit by

You need to know what type of company you're dealing with when you order a DIY cheap trike kit, like the Outlaw Trike Kit. Please read these reviews before considering that kit:

We understand that being negative toward another company is not always politically correct, but we've had numerous customers call us and order a Voyager after these cheap kits don't install or ride properly, they can't get any customer service, the company doesn't accept any returns or compensate for major issues, and our beloved customers completely waste $1,500-$3,000 before ending up with a Voyager anyways. We are here to protect you, provide a quality product for motorcycle stability, and make you happy.

1. How is the trike kit attaching to the motorcycle?

The Richland Roadster attaches to thin crash bars (see below)! The Tow-Pac hooks to the bag bars of a Honda GL1800! Seriously?!?

You must be very careful when purchasing a convertible trike kit.  Many companies assume parts of the motorcycle are strong enough to withstand long-term high-stress use.  This unfortunately is not the case.  If independent testing was done on these kits, you would not see attachments like the following:

Images of Richland Roadster Tow-Pac E-Trike Attachments

As you can see, in images 1-4, companies are attaching to a Goldwing’s motorcycle crash bars.  These bars only intended to protect the motorcycle in the case of a drop.  These bars are often attached using one bolt, which during extended high-motion, high-stress use can sheer.  Plus, as you see in image 1, these bars are not made for extended stressful use.  The bar has already started collapsing (Image 1).  Ask the manufacturer where the kit is attached, if they attach to bag bars or crash bars they have not chosen the strongest attachment points.  This will save you money down the road and provide with a much longer, much more enjoyable riding experience.


2. What testing has been done to ensure the trike kit's longevity?

First thing you need to do is confirm with the company that their kit has been tested independently.  If they say it has, ask them who did it.  Many convertible trike kit companies do not find it important to have their kit tested. Motorcycle Tour Conversions, Inc. spent the money having an independent engineering firm inspect the Voyager for strain and stress.  The company is DATASYST, out of Delafield, WI.  This ensures the kit’s safety and longevity.  You wouldn’t buy a car that hasn’t been tested professionally because you want your investment and fun to last.






3. How is the trike kit preloaded for a superior ride?

The preload is the most important part of any convertible trike kit’s suspension. When going through a curve or pulling a u-turn in a parking lot, the amount of tension on the wheel outside of the turn determines how difficult the turn.

Without proper weight transferred to the kit’s wheels, you’ll have the sensation of leaning too far outside causing you to turn slowly and feel as though you are on a boat. You’re supposed to be one with the road, this makes you feel just the opposite.

The best way to ensure a proper preload is used is to make sure (a) that the weight of the motorcycle is used on the kit’s wheels providing the necessary tension for easy maneuvering and (b) make sure the wheels of the kit are not further than 3 inches outside of alignment with the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

If you have the kit sitting back 5 inches, you may not notice it on a straight away, but turning will be much more difficult.

80 degree turn for new website

80 degree turn at 25 mph with motion blur

4. Is everything I need included with the trike kit?

When you purchase a Voyager, you’re purchasing experience, engineered testing, top-notch quality and all of the parts you need to install the kit and enjoy the ride.  Every Voyager includes fenders, a rear guard, rims, tires, a trailer hitch, mounting hardware, suspension hardware, a manual, jack stands, a portable kickstand and all small hardware needed.

Some convertible trikes are selling their kits without mounting hardware, meaning you have to design and develop brackets that will safely attach their incomplete trike kit to your motorcycle.  Granted a great machinist or mechanical engineer can accomplish this, most of us don’t have the tools or capacity for this type of development.  And even if we did, we wouldn’t have the backed up testing and road experience of Voyager designed brackets.

Watch out for kits that don’t include rims and tires as well.  They will charge you a high price for including them.  Be cautious.

Motorcycle Tour Conversions, Inc. feels that a company willing to ask you to finish the product they sell, doesn’t care much for the customer.  They found a cheap way to develop a kit and want to sell it as quickly as possible.

Make sure you receive engineer tested and road tested mounting hardware, suspension hardware, fenders, rims and tires with your kit purchase.



cheap diy trike kit

Cheap DIY trike kits, like in the above photo, require you to drill into a flat plate and guess where the attachment points to the your motorcycle are strongest. They also claim that the kit they offer can fit any motorcycle – so one kit could either fit a Honda Silverwing 600 or a Boss Hoss. Does that sound very smart? We don't think so either. Call us today for the highest quality convertible trike kit on the market at (815) 434-7900.

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Each Voyager trike kit includes fenders, a rear guard, mounting hardware, suspension hardware, trailer hitch, rims and tires, heavy-duty frame, free technical support, and a one-year warranty. Each trike kit comes in your choice of finish - clear coated black or raw primer gray. Prices are subject to change. Freight charges, installation charges and sales tax vary. All prices in USD ($).